About David Wagenfeld

My involvement in coaching in South Africa goes back to assisting at Bishops in the late 80’s. Thereafter, I was instrumental in establishing a fencing club at Rondebosch Boys High in the early 90’s, from which I moved to Fish Hoek Senior High School in 1994. At about this time, my night manager position in a hotel enabled me to spend my daytime hours coaching either at a school, or doing development work in the New Crossroads township.

I then spent almost 3 years in the Netherlands. Here, whilst continuing being a fencer at a Salle, I was “apprenticed” by a great fencing master in Amsterdam. Two years were spent learning how to make fencing work in schools, and a model was developed on how to apply it in South Africa. 

On arrival back in South Africa, a club was established in Fish Hoek, and for a year I continued with a full-time job. At the beginning of 1999, I took the plunge and decided to follow my passion for the sport. En Garde Fencing was born, and was initially based at Fish Hoek, and looked at really establishing a foothold in this area. This has expanded over the years to include four junior schools, Bishops College, a training club and an adult evening group which became Table Mountain Fencing and HEMA.